How To Avoid Casino Scams While Playing Online

How To Avoid Casino Scams While Playing Online

How To Avoid Casino Scams While Playing Online


      The world has been dramatically changing over the years with the evolution of technology. Even the classic gambling facilities such as casinos which have been around since 1638, have been evolutionized into online casinos! Thanks to the Internet, you can now enjoy gambling from the comfort of your very home! However, with that said, there are many online casinos out there and choosing the right one that’s not going to scam you out of all your money is crucially important!  Scam casinos usually hide all the vital details to rob users of their money and use their gambling passion and activities for their benefit. Thus, you have to be a little more careful and go with gaming spots that can be relied upon and enjoy casino games safely. Not to worry, though! You can gamble on online casino sites without the fear of being scammed with just some care. We will provide you with 5 ways to avoid online casino scams!



  • Check the casino’s licensing and regulation



            Most online casinos will put their license

            information at the bottom of the main page, or 

            somewhere within their terms. A lot of them 

            also put it in both places. If you can’t find any 

            license information, you should not be gambling 

            at that site because you’ll basically just be 

            handing them your money. You should never 

            play at any site that doesn’t have license 

            information displayed in a public area for its 

            players to read.


            Most web-based casinos are licensed by the 

            United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta 

            Gaming Authority, Gaming Curacao Authorities, 

            and some more reliable authorities.

            The three major licensing bodies are in 

            Curacao, Malta, and UK.Some sites such as 

            Bitstarz (licensed from Curacao government) 

            hold a license from any of these bodies while 

            others such as LeoVegas are licensed by both 

            Malta and UK. Sites holding licenses

            from Malta or the UK are generally considered 

            to be the most trustworthy compared to the 

            other two. Many sites hold licenses from both. 

            That’s not to say that casinos licensed in 

            Curacao are not trustworthy, but the gambling 

            regulatory authority there has been known to 

            be somewhat lax. If a site is only licensed in 

            Curacao, it’s worth doing some extra legwork to 

            check their reputation among other players. 

            You can do this by looking at the reviews and 

            getting in touch with other players.


            Remember: Some casinos do not accept 

            players from all countries due to licensing 




  • Look at the site’s software providers



            The next tip to not get scammed in the online 

            casino world is to check the software used by a 

            site you’ve chosen. Determine which game 

            development company or software provider is 

            offering games to a casino site, and how 

            reliable they are. The software must be fully 

            secure and proven fair.


            There are several well-known providers and 

            game development companies that are 

            independently licensed in various jurisdictions. 

            When you see games from these companies 

            on a casino site, it’s a good indicator that the 

            site is very much trustworthy.


            These game developers have their software 

            running on hundreds, if not thousands, of sites. 

            They can’t afford to work with shady operators 

            because their reputations can get tarnished or 

            their licenses revoked. It would absolutely 

            destroy them.


            Some casinos will list the providers they work 

            with right away on the home page. With others, 

            you’ll just have to click around and load a few 

            games to see who makes them. Look for 

            well-known companies like NetEnt, 

            Microgaming, Play’n Go, PlayTech, Yggdrasil, 

            Evolution, etc.



  • Outrageous bonuses/promotions/offers




             As with anything else, if it looks too good to be 

             true, it probably is. If a casino seems to be 

             “trying too hard” and offering crazy welcome 

             bonuses, it’s a definite red flag. Even though 

             we all know that the house always wins, there 

             is a certain point where paying out bonuses is 

             going to nullify profits.


             Most casinos will give a welcome bonus of 

             somewhere between 150% and 300% with a 

             limit between £100 and £500. If you see an 

             offer higher than this, you should do more 

             research to see what you can find about the 

             casino and the company that runs it.


             It truly is exciting and special to get rewarded 

             with awesome bonus and special offers. But, 

             remember that sometimes these promotions 

             might be a golden trap. Nearly every bonus 

             requires a player to spend a certain amount of 

             money in the form of deposits and wagering 

             requirement.  Also, check the maximum payout 

             limit for bonus associated winnings. Top 

             casinos never enforce maximum payouts.


             Before hitting the claim button, check the terms 

             and conditions related to a specific bonus. A  

             reliable site describes them clearly with all 

             essential points on its site under the bonus or 

             promotion section. It includes eligibility criteria, 

             wagering or turnover requirement, expiration 

             time, the contribution of games towards the 

             wagering requirement, deposit stages, refund 

             policy, and other rules related to claiming a 




  • Check the reputation



            There is no shortage of casino review sites and 

            forums. When you come across an online 

            casino that interests you, take some time to run 

            a few searches on it  and see what others are 

            saying about them. You will surely get some 

            differing opinions, but after looking at a few 

            places you should start to see an overall trend 

            of either good or bad feedback. If you can’t find 

            much information about it, you’re probably 

            better off waiting and playing somewhere else 

            until the casino has been operating a bit longer.


            No matter how excited you’re to gamble online, 

            don’t show any hurriedness to pick a casino 

            site just by looking at its gaming selection and 

            theme. There is a popular saying that ‘haste 

            makes waste’ and I couldn’t agree with it more.     

            Take some time to search the web and find 

            what other players are talking about a site you 

            have selected. There are just so many casino 

            review sites and forums where other players 

            are sharing their experiences they have gained 

            at a specific site. You will find different opinions, 

            so you have to make a confident decision after 

            analyzing overall good or bad feedback. 



  • What are the deposit and withdrawal options and fees?




            This is a very important aspect to look at when 

            choosing an online casino because you don’t 

            want a crazy high withdrawal fee to ruin your 

            celebratory Jackpot-winning evening! Some 

            online casinos have a minimum withdrawal 

            limit. To trick their users, they have their users 

            thinking that they won the 10,000 dollar jackpot!            

            However, the minimum withdrawal is 2 million 

            dollars. This is outrageous and should be 

            looked into when looking through the deposit        

            and withdrawal options and fees. Withdrawal 

            fees can also be crazy high. Imagine winning 

            the 10,000 dollar jackpot but having to pay 75% 

            to be able to withdraw your winnings. And don`t 

            forget the average time of a withdrawal takes.       

            In some severe cases it might take up to 7 



Hopefully now, you have a much clearer picture about online casino scams. The power to avoid getting scammed is now in your hands. Researching gambling websites are very important. Diving head-first into playing can work out but most of the time, it leads to disappointment. Why go through something like that when you can avoid it? Always remember to check back to remind yourself on anything you might have forgotten and to make sure you’re always getting the best possible bonuses to increase your winning payouts. Whichever site you choose, we wish you the best of luck!